American Chronic Pain Association

The American Chronic Pain Association - The ACPA, is an organization that is dedicated to providing information and other services for people who have pain conditions. The mission of the ACPA is to provide information to patients as to what options are available, in terms of physical treatments or medications, and also counseling that many people who have chronic pain require. If you are a chronic pain sufferer, you have an understanding of the toll that chronic pain conditions can have on your body as well as your spirit.

Like all Americans, you have grown up in a wonderful country that has given you the freedom to choose the people you love, worship in the religion of your choosing, work in the occupation you discover a calling, and do the things that you want to do. People who have chronic pain conditions often feel like they are losing many of the types of freedoms they once enjoyed in life, due to the chronic pain, associated stiffness and immobility that goes along with arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis and sciatica. In order to experience some pain relief, many patients turn to their doctors for answers and treatment.

Organizations such as the ACPA are also available to learn more about the causes and treatment options available for various musculoskeletal injuries. The American Chronic Pain Association, on their website,, also provides their readers with information about updates about various research studies in the fields of orthopedic medicine, as well as FDA advisories.

On the home page of the ACPA website, patient and doctors can be directed to a lot of specific information about various musculoskeletal injuries by accessing the resource finder at the right. The resource finder allows patient the ability search for information by typing in a keyword search box, selecting by condition, and selecting by age/demographic. The age/demographic option may be important because certain types of injuries are more likely to affect people of certain age groups, sex, and occupation. For example, ankylosing spondylitis is more likely to affect young males, between the ages of 20-40. Also, people of certain demographics are more likely to have injuries related to their occupation. The condition drop down tab enables patients to find out information specific to their medical condition.

For example, when I search a medical condition specific to my medical needs, "back pain", I was brought to the back pain main page. This pain described what the possible symptoms of back pain were, and what some of my options were. From the main page, I became interested in a link called Quality of Life Scale. The Quality of Life Scale is a ten point scale. People who would put themselves on the zero end of the scale would basically be bedridden all day, as a result of their back pain condition, and would feel hopeless and helpless about life. People who rated themselves as ten would rate themselves as highly functioning, with few days spent per year being restricted from their normal activities. Patients, after viewing this scale, may have some additional information to present to their doctor when describing their condition to them.

Information about The American Chronic Pain Association - The ACPA - can be found by going to the website