Arthralgia is a term the Chinese often use which means joint pain. In the Chinese view, arthralgia (joint pain) is caused by a combination of inflammation and invasion of Wind, Cold, and Damp that penetrates deep into your joints. Some health practitioners only use the term Arthralgia when the condition is inflammatory, as in rheumatory arthritis. Classic signs of arthralgia will include the familiar symptom of joint pain, as well as the following additional symptoms associated with an inflammatory disease: redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of function. Arthritis may be caused by a variety of causes, including nutritional, infectious disease, inflammatory disease, and decades of wear and tear. There is some evidence that the damage to your affected joints will already be irreversible by the time you feel the symptoms of pain and stiffness. For this reason, you will want to adopt a healthy lifestyle as early as possible to keep your organs, muscles, and joints healthy. During the course of your lifetime, you will be taking millions of breaths and millions of steps. You will want to aid your body in these millions of heartbeats and millions of steps by maintaining a healthy diet, staying fit, staying active, and drinking plenty of water. Let's look at some diet and lifestyle choices people make maintain healthy joints and avoid the pain of arthralgia. Included in this article are some therapies you can use and some foods/supplements you can take to treat the symptoms of arthralgia or prevent it entirely.

Gold: Gold treatment usually involves gold salts for consumption, or gold jewelry that can be absorbed through the skin. Patients should consult a doctor or pain therapist before trying this type of therapy. Homeopaths may be knowledgeable in gold therapy. Aurum metallicum, in small doses, has been found to decrease symptoms of arthralgia.

Herbs for Inflammation: Any disease or failure of overall health or the health of your organs may cause inflammation to your joints. Disorders that affect your vital organs and your immune system may affect the ability of your body to appropriately respond to infection and to absorb and secrete the appropriate nutrients. If your kidneys become weak or damaged, they may have trouble filtering waste products out of your body, and producing chemicals that will stimulate bone growth. If your kidneys are not working properly, your bones may weaken. Some natural products that aid in rejuvenating the kidneys include drynaria, dipsacus, eucommia, and dry ginger.

Herbs for organ health: Several herbs known for fighting inflammation can be added to dishes or made into drinks or teas. These natural inflammation fighting herbs include cinnamon twig, chaenomeles fruit, gentian root, and clematis fruit. Sleep: If you have rheumatoid arthritis or arthralgia, you need to get a daily dose of deep restorative sleep. Stanford rheumatologist Richard B. Gremillion, M.D., recommends at least 8 hours a night of consolidated sleep. If you have difficulty getting to sleep or maintaining consolidated sleep, you should consider having a diagnostic sleep study.

Ayurvic Medicine: Ayurvic medicine involves a combination of massage therapy as well as treatments of certain oils coated with healing herbal medicines. Ayurvic treatments for arthralgia include massages with warm sesame oil coated with Indian herbs such as ashwagandha.