Arthritis Foundation The Arthritis Foundation ( is a non-profit group that provide both print and online publications about the different types of arthritis, symptoms and treatment options, and specialists for arthritis who provide care and treatment. You may log onto the Arthritis Foundation website to find out about arthritis types, advocacy programs they support, and the latest research about arthritic conditions that have shown promising results. The Arthritis Foundation provides information about many arthritic conditions, though specializes in providing information about Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Juvenile Arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation has search resources on their online site to provide patients with listings for local doctors in their area by specialty, but does not provide ratings or recommendation on doctors. The Arthritis Foundation is an independent organization, whose main goal is to provide information and resource options for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. they do not advocate for one medication over another, or one specialist over another. Their goal is to provide patients with information, and show them what treatments options they have available.

Your Health: The health tab on the website on the website gives you several to find information about Symptoms, Treatment, Pain Management, Surgery Center, Fitness, and Weight Loss. The most common symptoms among all the forms of arthritis include pain, fatigue, and inflammation. The symptom of inflammation is closely tied to what arthritis really is. The definition of arthritis is inflammation of the joints. SA person's joints may become inflamed as a result of injury, where the soft tissues are traumatized, or bent or stretches past their normal range of motion. Or the source of joint inflammation me be due to an autoimmune disease such are osteoarthritis, where our own immune system somehow becomes programmed to attack the healthy tissues in our body, instead of the things the immune system is supposed to identify and destroy, such as cancer cells, viruses and bacteria. Pain, along with inflammation, is one of the most disabling symptom we experience due to the inflammation and degenerative of our joints. Joint pain can darken our moods, and make it more difficult or impossible to get our normal work done throughout the day. On the Arthritis Today website, information is provided on how to treat pain without prescription medications or surgery, and how to manage the aches and pains of arthritis by finding the right doctors, maintaining a positive outlook, and managing pain with non-impact exercises and healthy foods.

Though there are a lot of different types of doctors who treat and consult for arthritis with a lot of different ideas on how to treat them, the consensus across specialties is that patient will be able to minimize pain levels and slow the progression of arthritic diseases by finding ways to relax and lower stress levels, commit to healthy exercise programs, and commit to healthy diets that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water. On the Arthritis Foundation website, there are sections for soothing music for stress and pain, how to fight pain without pills, and even a web page called "Hypnosis for Pain". Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or facet joints of the back don't necessarily have to treat their pain with hypnosis to get better, but their resource on hypnosis is simply meant to provide patients with different ways they may be able to create a more peaceful and positive state of mind. Research has shown that patients with a more positive state of mind heal quicker from injuries and surgery, and have lowered pain levels.