Back-Healthy Habits: Lifting

The way you walk, move, and carry objects may affect your spine, or cause back pain if you are using bad technique. To prevent injuries while you are lifting and carrying things, you will want to use your legs when lifting objects, and distribute the extra weight evenly throughout your spine, and not put your lower back in a position where it must bear the majority of the load.

When lifting an object beyond what you would normally handle, get close to it, and use a series of techniques that don't put you in a position where you will be bending at lower back. Stand as close to the object as possible. Then kneel, with one knee resting on the floor. Pick up the object and raise yourself to your feet while maintaining the natural curve of your back. What do you do when lifting heavy boxes of children of considerable weight? The way you do may make a big difference in your back health. To protect your back or prevent a reoccurrence of back pain, follow there tips for lifting or carrying.
  • When lifting or carrying objects or of considerable weight and size, get up close to the object so that you do not have to lean forward with your back to pick it up. Face the object you are about to grasp.
  • Your head, neck, and back should remain straight throughout the lift and carry. Bend and lift with your knees and legs rather than your back.
  • Keep the object close to you.
  • Straighten your legs to lift the object,
  • If the object looks too big for you to lift yourself with more than a reasonable amount of effort, recruit others to help you out.

Back products for lifting: For people that work in construction or labor industries, they may have to lift and carry heavy objects on a regular basis. For these people for whom lifting is a regular part of their job, there are products such as lumbar support belts and back stabilizers to help these types of laborers from developing chronic back pain. Let's take a look at some of them.

Ace Lumbar Support. The ACE Lumbar support can be worn comfortably throughout the workday to support and protect the sacrum, and lower and middle back. This device will protect the back and spine while you are supporting, twisting, and lifting. This device is comfortable and adjustable, so that you may find the right size to protect you without becoming uncomfortable. To adjust this device, there are dual adjustments straps around the sides that can be easily reached. This brace is unobtrusive and can be easily be worn under clothing. The material in this lumbar support device is lightweight and breathable, so that you don't overheat when wearing it on warm days.

Deluxe Back Stabilizer: This device is designed to provide back pain relief, and to support your back when you are lifting and carrying considerably heavy objects. There are two easy to reach straps for this system for you to adjust to the ideal fit for your body. This device is lined with metal stays to provide additional support for your lumbar spine (lower back). For additional support, the device is lined with an additional lumbar pad.