Natural Back Pain Treatments: Water

Water is a natural treatment for back pain because it has the ability to hydrate the body as well as the intervertebral discs between our vertebra. The intervertebral discs are composed of fibrocartilage which are jellylike and serve to protect the spinal bones from rubbing up against one another and wearing down. The fibrocartilage is composed of a mucoprotein gel and water, among other substances. Our fibrocartilage actually bends outward over the course of the day as water slowly seeps out of it, and pulls back into its normal position as we lie down as rest and the discs re-hydrate themselves. As we age, intervertebral discs lose their ability to retain water and may gradually lose their ability to reduce shock. Many back specialists think that we may retain back healthy longer or avoid injury by drinking plenty of water and keeping our bodies and discs hydrated. To stay hydrated, people should drink plenty of water or fluids that are high in electrolytes and low in sodium of sugars.

Personal trainers and sports specialists always recommend that athletes who work out should try to stay hydrated at all times. If you will be working out or playing in places where a water source is not readily available, then you should take cold water with you. Keeping your body hydrated will help you to remain at a higher energy level and to prevent injuries from muscle cramps and heat cramps. If you do a lot of bike riding, make sure to bring a bottle of water with you. Reusable water bottles are really good at retaining cold temperatures while eliminating the need to throw away plastic bottles that will spend the next 10K years in a landfill.

Therapists note that many of their back pain patients would have better treatment outcomes from drinking at least three glasses of water a day. Patient should drink water every day, and not just drinks that have water in them. Patients who drink more water tend to be more responsive to chiropractic treatments, and to recover faster. Medical journals and websites recommend people drinking 8 glasses or more of water every day. People who exercise or spend a lot of time outdoors during hot humid weather should drink more than 8 glasses of water a day. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D and others have proclaimed water to be a primary component of a healthy and pain free body. People in general are more prone to back pain when they are chronically dehydrated, and back pain sufferers are more likely to experience symptoms when they are dehydrated. Dr. Bryce Vickery recommends that patients drink half their body weight in water per day (most experts don't recommend this level of water intake). Back pain patients should also consider minimizing their intake of teas, alcohol, coffee, and especially soda, because these drinks can make a person more dehydrated. The majority of our body weight actually comes from water, and it needs a consistent intake of it to keep functioning properly. Patients are less likely to experience back spasms and back pain when they are properly hydrated.