Back Pain Videos

Back in the early days of the web and html (hyper text markup language), web pages were literally a connection of text and hyperlinks. Today, people use the internet to watch movies, TV shows, and to buy products online. On video sharing websites such as YouTube, and leading healthcare websites such as WebMD, there are many educational videos available to help understand the functioning anatomy of the human body and how it works. These anatomy and physiology videos show us how the human body works, and what kind of disease processes may occur to cause us to have declining health.

Other videos may show us how to cure disease, through physical therapy and nutrition. Other websites present new cutting edge technologies and treatments that may not be available in local hospitals today, but may become standard practice in the future. We may watch these videos so that we may understand the benefits of these new treatment options and seek to use them, even if they are not covered by our health insurance. I personally have gained a lot in my own health profile by taking a mixture of supplements offered by Dr. Vickery and the Super Nutrient Corporation (see this link).

Here we will present some back pain videos to you that may offer you a better understanding of your own human body and what you may do to it to achieve lasting back pain relief.

Five Stretches to Ease Back Pain

Nearly four out of every five people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. For the vast majority of people, the pain goes away after only a few days, but for some it lingers for much longer. Many of these people with chronic back pain end up in exam rooms to have X-Ray and MRI pictures taken of the anatomy of their backs. In many cases, structural irregularities in the spine are found, leading to the conclusion that those irregularities are the cause of the pain. In fact, you may say the same of nearly anyone over the age of 25 who would have pictures taken of the spine. All backs are likely to show some scoliosis or disc disease, regardless of whether or not they feel any back pain at all. Victoria Adelus and many others believe that muscle flexibility is one of the key ingredients in a back care program. If the muscles are flexible and healthy, than the spine moves better and there is less pressure on the spinal nerves and ligaments. This clinician demonstrates the five most important stretches for back pain.

Yoga Workout | Low Back Pain Stretches Routine

There are many back treatments out there that offer benefits to millions of pain sufferers, but not all treatments are appropriate to all patients. Some patients, because of spinal curvature abnormalities and bone density issues may simply not be able to receive certain back treatments, such spinal adjustments, safely. In additional, there are some people with arthritic conditions that are not able to participate in back exercises that involve high impact movements. For These people with a history of compression fractures and osteoarthritis, gentle exercise programs such as Tai Chi or Yoga may be more appropriate. Yoga includes a system of exercises that are designed to build flexibility and stretch towards the core area of your body - your abdomen and lower back.

This workout video, posted by Lori Massad-Koska, R.Y.T., on YouTube, gives a general view of the anatomy of the hips and the hip flexor muscle. Lori Massad-Koska then shows us gentle exercises that enable us to flex and stretch our hip flexor environment, on a comfortable mat in our own homes.

Low Back Pain - Disc Herniation ,Sciatica - Everything You Need To Know

Many people are well familiar with common back glossary terms and phrases such as a back being thrown out, pinched nerves, and slipped discs. The average American is so familiar with degenerative disc disease that when they begin to experience back pain for the first time they figure they have a problem with a disc in their back. In fact, herniated discs are usually not the cause of back pain, but this misconception exists. In this informative video, narrated by Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, we learn what happens to a disc as it herniates, how this disease affects the spinal nerves around it, and how the disc affects the nerve to cause lower back pain and associated leg pain.