Foods That Make You Sick

There are certain foods that will make you sick, either in a tangible way that you will feel right after eating them, or over time due to their poor health qualities. Here are 7 foods or health factors that will make you feel tired, run down, or in a general state of poor health.
  1. Foods that accelerate the aging process: no matter how healthy we eat, and how excellently we take care of our bodies through exercise, we all will get older eventually. That being said, there are certain things we may eat that will make us older - sooner. Some of the foods that age us faster include sugars, Trans fats, and starches. These foods or food preservatives may cause spikes in our insulin levels or inflammatory responses that make our joints painful and swollen. These unhealthy foods result in a metabolic process called glycation. Glycation makes us older, inside and out. Glycation makes us older on the outside by giving us wrinkles and making us more vulnerable to sun damage.

  2. Foods that make us fatter: Certain foods such as high sodium content processed foods are loaded with calories and cause bloating. How? The purpose of sodium is to regulate the amount of blood in the vessels, but it also sucks water into the blood vessels as well. Water moves to areas that are higher in solute (i.e. sodium) concentrations. As more water is pulled from the surrounding tissues, your body compensates by hanging onto extra fluid. Bloating may also be exacerbated by drinking beverages such as diet soda. Diet sodas are high in sodium, as long as other elements that increase bloating, such as gas and artificial sweeteners.
  3. Stomach upset and digestive problems: Digestive problems are not as common in those people with healthy diets that include a lot of green leafy vegetables and fiber. Fiber moves everything through the body. Foods that have scarce amounts of fiber include "white" foods such as white rice and white bread. These foods may taste good, though they actually have very little nutritional value and may cause constipation. Other things that may worsen constipation include beer and other alcoholic beverages.
  4. Foods that Make Your Heart Burn: Foods with high saturated fat content take longer to digest. If your diet includes one meal after another that have high fat contents this may amplify digestion problems. Here's why. If your first meal included a high fat dish, it may still be digesting in your stomach as the next meal comes around. When you lay one undigested meal upon another, it may cause excess stomach acid to splash back into your esophagus, causing the familiar symptoms of heartburn.
  5. Certain Foods May Amplify the Symptoms of PMS: No foods actually cause PMS, though some may amplify their symptoms. Starches and sugars may cause insulin levels to spike and dive. These rapid changes in insulin levels affect brain chemicals and may intensify mood swings. Sweet caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea may affect your hormone levels when you are at this special time of the month due. The stimulation effect of caffeine and the combination of sugar may cause rapid changes in the hormone levels that affect your mood during this time.
  6. Foods that make your Head Ache: Foods that contain nitrates, dyes, and food colorants produce a chemical - Tyramine - as certain proteins in them are broken down. The presence of Tyramine causes vascular changes that increase blood flow to the brain, causing pressure and other medical effects. If you have a history of headaches and you don't know why, you may want to change your diet to a more natural one that doesn't include these types of processed foods. Foods that are high in nitrates include hot dogs and other processed meats.
  7. Certain Foods Make Us Depressed: Not all sad mood states are caused by a lack of sunlight and bad breakups. Sometimes, the things we eat alone may cause us to feel pretty dumpy. Foods that make us feel depressed include junk food.