Get Rid of Back Pain

After colds and flu, back pain is the leading cause of missed school and missed work in the US. Recent data pouring in indicates that the days off the job and health care costs amounts to nearly $25 billion in lost revenues each year for the US. Patients don't want to use up their vacation days laid up in bed, and they don't want to miss sleep or time with the people they care about because of back pain discomfort. Though individual therapies have shown excellent results in treating people with back pain, experts such as Michael Castleman recommend a blended approach to treatment to help patients heal faster and to prevent the reoccurrence of symptoms. To get rid of your back pain, you will want to use treatments to first eliminate the acute symptoms, and then to maintain a program of proper exercise and nutrition to prevent the back pain from ever coming back. Western and eastern approaches to treat and prevent symptoms have proven to be very successful.

Get rid of back pain. Once you have discovered the source of your back pain, you will work with a practitioner of western or eastern medicine to come up with a treatment plan to try to reduce or eliminate your back symptoms. Western traditional back pain treatments that would come through your doctor include pain medications (over the counter and ones requiring a prescription), physical therapy, injections (lumbar epidural steroid injections), and surgery in the most severe cases. Most patients will try these western therapies first because they trust their doctor, and because these treatments are paid for through their insurance. Chiropractors and osteopaths are also western disciplines of medicine but focus more in manual manipulation to treat structural imbalances of the muscles and joints and bones that support the spine. Eastern disciplines include tai chi, yoga, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and Chinese medicines. Other pain professionals specialize in the teaching and application of relaxation therapies in the treatment of back pain. Relaxation therapies include biofeedback techniques that teach patients how to manage their stress to control their pain.

To get rid of back pain, patient will need to first treat the source of injury either through exercise/physical therapy rehabilitation or by reducing inflammation at the site of injury. The patient may not need complex and expensive equipment to rehabilitate their back, long walks may often be effective enough. Once the patient's symptoms have improved enough, they will want to take steps to make their body healthy overall. Also, patients will want to get themselves into some exercise program to strengthen and increase flexibility to the muscles that protect their spine. Some exercise programs that include low impact exercise to increase core strength and flexibility are yoga and Tai Chi.

Herbal Therapies - Many herbal therapies are used in eastern medicine to treat joint pain and back pain. Herbs that have natural pain relieving properties may either be consumed in their natural form, drank as a tea, or taken in capsule form. Herbal therapies to treat back pain include cinnamon twig, chaenomeles fruit, gentian root, clemaytis root, and Angelica pubescens.