Getting Help/Helping yourself with Back Pain

Anyone with neck pain or back pain could benefit from an evaluation and recommendations from a person that specializes in back pain exercises (such as a physical therapist) or medical specialist who specialize in the care of musculoskeletal problems of the spine and tissues that support the spine (such as a medical doctor, osteopath, or chiropractor). The job of this website will not be to refute the advice of your doctor or physical therapist. On the contrary, the job of this website will be to provide an additional source of information regarding what you can do to help yourself, and the spine specialist will be able to direct you most efficiently to those recommendations that are most specific to your situation. We don't expect this website to be your first and only stop in treating your back pain. In fact, if you are experiencing acute or chronic back pain, we do encourage you to seek the advice of doctor first or chiropractor to find the source of the problem. You should at least have an evaluation with a back specialist, to find the source of your injury, rule out other possible medical problems, and to learn about other medical and hands on therapy approaches that might be appropriate to your condition.

It is not necessary to undergo a medical examination prior to using the information, diagrams, and videos posted on this website; however ,it is important that you always pay close attention to what your body is telling you while using any back pain treatments. We encourage you to stop the treatment, and/or seek medical attention if your symptoms do not respond to your attempts at relief, or if they recur or get worse. There is no way to predict how much back pain relief you will feel from any one treatment, or any combination of treatments or changes in diet or dosage of supplements. You may achieve a quick or gradual reduction of your symptoms, or you may only achieve a minor amount of relief. In either case, it will benefit you to take a more active role in understanding the concepts behind the imaging tests, exercises, and dietary adjustments the specialists prescribe for you to diagnose and treat your back pain. It will benefit you to do your own research to understand the contributing factors that caused your problem, so that you can return back to a comfort level and a quality of life that enables you to do your job and enjoy the time you spend with your family.

As stated in the disclaimer of this website and again throughout the individual web pages, you are advised to seek the guidance of the appropriate practitioner for the treatment of your back pain, neck pain, and symptoms associated with spinal problems. If you choose to follow the recommendations or use the information presented here, you must assume full responsibility. In this book we will suggest positions and movements that relieve back pain, good moves/bad moves during daily activities, back pain exercises, and more vigorous aerobic workouts, and nutritional information that you can use to feel better.