Products that help you manage and treat back pain

When we are young, our bodies have an amazing propensity for regeneration as they grow and develop towards physical maturity. As we get older, though, the rates in which our body tissues become worn out becomes greater than the rate in which new and healthy tissues are created. As we become older, we take on more work responsibilities and don't have the time to work and play outside that we once had. As we get older, work related responsibilities force us to assume a more sedentary lifestyle and our muscles become de-conditioned to the point in which they can no longer support the structures of the spine. As we get older, we spend less time sleeping and more time consuming things that are bad for us, such as coffee, cigarette smoke, and alcohol. As we age, we sustain injuries that take longer to heal, if they ever fully heal. As we age, our metabolisms begin to slow down and we tend to put on weight, which adds further stress to our already taxed spine. For all of these reasons, the added mechanical stresses on our spine cause us to have back pain and neck pain, and we become slower to heal from the types of injuries and lifestyle factors that add strain to our back muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues.

Fortunately, there are available products that may help you to manage and treat back pain. These products are designed to relax your achy muscles, relieve strain on your spine as you work, and reduce inflammation around the back structures that have been injured. If you have injuries, there are products out there that may help to accelerate the rate of recovery. If you have a chronic pain condition, there are products out there that are designed to help you manage the pain. Let's take a look at some of these products, and how they may help you to experience pain relief while at work, home, or out in the world.

Coccyx Cushion: Many people who suddenly experience terrible back pain in the absence of an injury begin to suddenly worry that they may have a "slipped disc" or arthritis in their lower back. These possibilities are a cause for concern, though other structures in the spine may also be a cause of your pain symptoms. Located below the last lumbar vertebra is the sacrum and attached coccyx, which make up the base of the spine. Injuries that cause you to land on the coccyx (tailbone) make be slow to heal. These injuries happen often enough that there is a name for this type of tailbone pain - coccydynia. This type of pain may occur after a fall bringing your bottom to a hard impact against a hard surface. Subluxations of the spine - in which the joints of the spine are partially dislocated, may also result in this pain that occurs at the foundation of the spinal complex. We may feel pain related to these types of injuries all the time, and especially when we sit down. For tailbone related pain, many patients have responded well to using the Coccyx cushion. This is a slightly angled cushion with a hold in the area of the cushion where your tailbone will be situated when you sit on it. The function of this product is to disperse the weight of your body throughout your buttocks and though, while taking all of the pressure off of your sensitive tailbone. This product is manufactured by Visco Memory Foam.

Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack: Sometimes it may be difficult to make sense out of the fact that doctors and laypeople choose to sometimes treat injuries with ice, while others seem to treat these same injuries with heat. What you need to known is that icing may be a better alternative to acute injuries in which you want to control the swelling and inflammation, and heating the injured areas are appropriate to injuries when you want to improve flexibility and the healing process of injuries. Thus Thermophore heat pack is recommended to be placed over areas of the body where there are sore muscles or stiffness related to chronic pain types of injuries. The heat applied to areas may have the effect of increasing circulation to injured areas, which will increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that they have to regenerate injured body structures.

Heat therapy dilated the blood vessels and facilitates stretching the soft tissues around the spine, including adhesions, connective tissue, and muscle. This stretching of the tissues may have the effect of reducing the amount of stiffness that you feel in the morning and when the pain in that body part starts acting up. For more information, you may want to check out the Thermophore website at

Cervical and Lumbar Traction Devices: These traction devices are available so that you may experience many of the clinical benefits of traction in your home.