Products (Products Available to Manage Back Pain)

There are many back products that are available commercially as back pain treatments or to provide extra support for your spine throughout your workday, exercise activities, and home leisure. These products may be designed to decrease inflammation of injured soft tissues, to reduce muscle tension in your back muscles, to improve your posture as you relax at home. Some products are designed for use in back exercises, while others are designed to loosen muscle tension or decrease the painful effects of muscle spasms. Back products may come in the form of various media showing you how to perform the back exercises safely and correctly. The media available to perform these types of therapy exercises may come in print form, media, or videos that are available by subscription. Most of these products are considered to be safe, though there is a considerable amount of disagreement over many of these products as to how clinically beneficial they are. These products are designed to lower the mechanical stresses placed on your back as you sleep at night, commute to work, work your job, and travel away from home. Let's take a look at the type of products that are available at most back stores.

Theracane: The Theracane is a device in the general shape of a standard cane, with several rods coming off of its shaft and arch. The rod offshoots have bulbs at their tips that are kneaded into the back muscles as you manually move the cane down your back. The movement of the bulb tipped projections down the sore muscles of your back may have the effect of breaking up knots of muscle and releasing muscle tension in those that have become injured through injury or overuse. In men and women, the muscles of the back may become sore or tension as a result of personal stress, poor posture, and or poor lifting techniques. Massage therapy is one type of treatment that is good at treating these types of injuries. During massage therapy sessions, the healthcare practitioner uses their hands, wrists, and elbows to press against the injured muscles to provide the patient with several types of health benefits. Massage therapy has been shown to improve circulation, improve range of motion, and to increase endorphin levels. Due to financial constraints and your busy lifestyle, you may not have the time or money to receive professional massage therapy. And you aren't able to massage your own back muscles. This device may provide many of the same health benefits as traditional massage. For more information about the Thera Cane, visit the website

Purefit Adjustable Wedge System: this product consists of four foam wedges that are designed to be used together to make reading and watching TV in bed more comfortable and back friendly. When you are reading or watching TV in bed, your lower back should be well supported, and your neck should also be supported if you are lying in a supine position. This system offers you the benefits as recommended by most doctors and back specialists. The first wedge of this system goes under your knees so that your legs are bent at about 70 degree angle. The other three wedges are positioned together so that your torso is bent at about a 30 degree angle, with your lower back and upper back and neck well supported. These support foam devices are light and easy to move for storage when you don't need them. The 4 wedges together may be adjusted to support your profile based on your height and body type. This system may be available for purchase from the website RELAX THE BACK.

Ergonomic Chairs: It has been estimated that we spend nearly one third of our lives in our beds for sleeping. For this reason, it is essential that we sleep in beds that are well made to support our backs. Another major consideration that should be made is what we sit on as we work and relax on at home. For those of us that work in office environments, we may spend an additional one third of our lives sitting and working in an office chair. People who spend the majority of their day should acquire a chair that offers ergonomic benefits. We should be working in an office chair that fully supports the lumbar spine as well as one that does not require us to slouch as we write, type, and make phone calls. Ideally, we should be standing or sitting in a work environment that puts a minimum amount of load on the lumbar spine.

One type of chair that may offer its office workers the type of lumbar supports that they need is the Lifeform® Ultimate Executive Mid Back Office Chair by Lifeform®. This chair has adjustable heights for the seat and arms, and a back that resembles the shape of the human spine. Both of these features are designed to give full support to your upper and lower back. For more information about this product and company, go to