Recurring Bouts of Back Pain

Most likely, you have clicked your way onto our back pain resource due to your suffering from acute back pain or recurring bouts of back pain. By searching out back pain treatments here, you may have already tried one or more types or heard several opinions from clinicians and friends/family members. Unfortunately, these suggestions may have been confusingly contradictory. One doctor may have recommended you to get out there and exercising as early as possible, while another may have recommended bed rest and sick leave from work. Someone may have told you to get back out there and challenging your back with gym exercises.

Somebody else, on the other hand, might have recommended staying off of it as much as possible - to guard against a relapse. You may have even heard of the big S rattled around as a solution to your back problem, lest it get any worse. Often practitioners of alternative therapies decry surgery as being an option only as a measure of last resort. Practitioners of orthopedic medicine criticize alternative therapies such as supplements/vitamins/herbal therapies to be untested as well as unregulated snake oil medicines. There is no lack of information out there pertaining to the diagnosis and treatments of back pain. If anything, there appears to be too much information out there. Which treatments will be the most effective to your particular set of symptoms.

Here, we will try to assist you understanding of the causes of back pain and the protocols that various health care practitioners use to diagnose and treat them. The back treatments appropriate to your specific set of symptoms will depend on the specific cause of your back pain. Treatments for your problem may include conservative therapies such as exercise and physical therapy, to more serious ones, such as spinal fusion. If we are successful here at our jobs, you will have a better understanding of the diagnostic tools available to you to understand why you are hurting, as well as the science behind each treatment options available. This is a really exciting time in the field of back pain medicine, due to the new treatments that are becoming readily available, as well as the emergence of pain products now available for home use that use to be unavailable for home consumption.

Today, some products available for home use that are excellent at decompressing the spine include the Jobri spine Reliever Knee Rest, FLA V-Loc LSO Spinal Orthosis, and Coccyx Gel Cushion. All of these home available products are designed to decompress the spine and to take some of the pressure off overworked muscles that are overused by too much sitting, walking, or standing.

Though clinicians of the various disciplines of western vs. holistic medicine differ with respect to the exercise vs. rest treatment plans, all agree that exercise will eventually become an integral part of the treatment process. Patients will want to protect/treat recurring bouts of upper back pain with shoulder rolls and the shoulder shrug exercise techniques. Patients will want to perform exercises such as the posterior pelvic tilt and curl up to treat and prevent recurring bouts of lower back pain.