Redesign Your Car Seat

A person's posture, and the amount of time spent in certain positions, may a major cause of back pain. Often, we have family, home maintenance, and work commitments which require us to perform repetitive movements, or stand/sit/perform work in certain positions - for extended periods of the day. Certain movements and certain positions may cause strain to the muscles and ligaments that support the spine. The ligaments of the spine are very strong, and it is likely that you will never tear one of them, unless you are in a high speed automobile accident. Yet the ligaments may be vulnerable to changes when they are repeatedly stressed, and their changes do occur to them as we get older. It is extremely difficult to tear spinal ligaments, but because of certain body positions, they may be stretched beyond a healthy range. This repeated stretching of the ligaments may cause the ligaments to loosen. Ligament laxity may be irreversible, depending on the research papers you read (see prolotherapy - a back pain treatment that involves the injection of an irritant into the soft tissues to shorten and tighten the ligaments). But whether or not ligament laxity can be reversed, the best short term and long term treatment for your back should involve proper postural techniques, to extend the life of your healthy spine, or to try to restore it back to health.

Sitting and your posture. You would think that activities like running, and lifting and carrying heavy loads at work would wear out your backs, and that your back should be under no strain at all when you are sitting and standing in place. Actually, prolonged periods of sitting in an office chair or in your car may put a lot of stress on your lower back. Office workers and truck drivers, who both spend the majority of their time seated while at work, have a higher rate of low back pain, compared to other types of workers.

If you work in the city, and life in the country or suburbs, you may be spending over 10 hours per week in your car seat. This amount of time spent in one position, may put a lot of strain on your middle back or lower back. This could possibly be the number one cause of your back pain. If the time that you spend in your car is contributing to your problem, you may want to consider either relocating to a job closer to your home, or seeking out another form of transportation, such as bus or subway. Though neither of these options will be appropriate or possible for a lot of people. The alternative then is to make the best of the work commute that you have. You may be able to redesign your car seat to take some of the strain off of your back.

Redesign your car seat. The most important thing to consider about your car seat is the amount of lumbar support that the seat provides you. A car seat with good lumbar support allows you to be able to sit upright in your chair, while maintaining a shape that complements the natural curves of your lower back. There should be no space between the curve of the lower back, and the surface of the car seat. The lower part of the backrest should be constructed to support the lower back optimally.