Sit to Stand Desk: Back Pain Products

When considering the cause of back pain injuries, you may the likely causes for most people would be accident, old age, or obesity. While these three factors do in fact cause back pain for a lot of people, simply the act of sitting can also be a precipitating factor. Many people may actually have back pain from sitting for too long, and for others their back problems make it hard to sit for long periods of time. There are actually work stations available for people that can't sit for too long, or need to adjust their positions throughout the day to keep the intensity of their backache at acceptable levels. Companies such as Relax the Back manufacture several styles of these desks to give people the options they need to manage their back problems. Let's look at some models and some of the features and options available to them.

Stand Up Desk AKA Standing Desk (available from Relax the Back). This desk is available in three different sizes (S, M, L), a wood finish color, and can be assembled in a persons home if requested. The height of the table section of the desk can be easily adjusted so that you can quickly change positions throughout the day to avoid any back discomfort. Sitting for long periods of time can put a lot of pressure on the spine, compressing the discs of the back. Extended periods of sitting can put a lot of strain on certain muscles and discs of the back, while contributing weakness to other back and abdominal muscles that are not being used. This stand up desk can relieve stress on your legs and back, and promote mental alertness and give you more focus. Many customers who have used this product report greater core strength with continued use.

Besides giving you more energy and improved blood and lymphatic circulation, the desk is comfortable and user friendly. The desk adjusts smoothly on the brushed steel base, going smoothly from a base 26 inches to a maxim 52 inches. This adaptability will give you the options you need to change positions as needed so that you can continue to work comfortably and productively. If you feel like you think and work better on your feet, this workstation will be there to help you with your workday.

52" x 75" Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk Finish: Real Espresso (by The Ergo Office The Real Espresso Sit Stand Desk is a very versatile desk that can adjust to as high as 72 inches, giving people of all heights and body styles the versatility that they need to write and work comfortably. The Real Espresso comes is available in the following colors: real espresso, real cherry, or real maple. The desk is constructed with solid veneer materials, so that is can be adjusted regularly without compromising its structural integrity. The real wood veneer desktop can be adjusted with a motorized desktop, so that people with pre-existing medical conditions and handicap will be able to make adjustments without having to strain themselves or having to ask for help.