Back Pain: Still Looking for Answers and Relief

You've most likely arrived at this website because your back or neck hurts. Maybe you have been suffering from your condition for just a few days, maybe you're condition has continued into weeks or months. You may have tried physical therapy to no avail and are in the process of considering surgery. You may have tried several conservative therapies and are still looking for that elusive relief. Well, here we will not make you any guarantees or offer you any products that will "cure you overnight. " What we will offer you is information about back products, treatments, nutritional information, and exercises to minimize your symptoms so that you can regain control of your life and hopefully feel a lot better. 4 out of every 5 people develop back pain at some point in their lives, and many manage to get better of their own, without the need of a doctor or back expert. You are probably on this website because you are not one of those people. Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there as to back pain treatments, and here we will attempt to present those treatment options to you in simple articles and graphics.

If you have found this site on a search, you are probably a longtime back pain sufferer, or you are currently experiencing a reoccurrence of an old injury. You may have made a full recovery from a previous injury, and had a sudden relapse. If you are currently experiencing back pain or just want to prevent a reoccurrence, then is for you.

Whether you're having recurring bouts of back pain or are experience pain months after the onset of symptoms, you've probably tried one or more treatments by now. Most patients who experience back pain will just try to take it easy for awhile and give it a chance to heal up on its own, assuming the pain is not too severe. If rest and time fail to work their healing magic, a trip to the doctor will usually be the next step for people who are experiencing back pain for the first time (back pain veterans who have received benefits from chiropractic therapy in the past might go directly to a chiropractor). Usually, your doctor will try to diagnose the cause of your symptoms before directing you to the appropriate diagnostic tests. Unless you have some type congenital disease that affects your bone an/or joints, or a recent trauma, the source of your back pain is most likely muscular or a bulging disc. The correct diagnosis will be essential towards the recovery process.

Talking to your doctor and friends and family can sometimes be a very frustrating process, as 5 people may have given you 5 different opinions as to how to treat your back pain. One doctor may tell you to put ice on it every day, while one may tell you to put heat on it. You may have one friend extolling the virtues of chiropractic, while another may have told you that it provided them no benefit at all. How do you know which pieces of advice are the most truthful/beneficial to you. In answer, all therapies are appropriate to certain patients with certain specific locations of injury. On this web page, we will explain all the back pain treatments available today, as well as who benefits from each specific ones and their prognosis for success.