Back Pain Treatments: Stress Management

The most common cause of back pain is when there has been some type of damage to the soft tissues supporting the spine, or strain of the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine. These back problems refer to the structural system of the spine, also referred to as musculoskeletal problems. Back pain cures and treatments to these problems usually include rest for strained tissues, physical therapy, and possibly surgery to fix structures when these first two treatments have failed. The system associated with physical damage to the nerves and supportive structures of the brain and spinal chord is known as the structural system.

The electrical system, which can be affected by our emotional state and the way we process potentially stressful situations can also affect the centers of our brain that process pain signals. Think of it this way. the way we think and feel can affect how fast the nerves that send pain signals to the brain fires. The faster these pain signals fire, the more pain and back pain and fatigue we feel. Your "electrical" system is your nervous system. It is made up of all the nerves in your body, including the nerves of your brain and spinal chord. The electrical system forms a complex circuit that provides you with the power to automatically move, think, and feel. Think of your electrical system, with your brain as the center, and your spinal chord and nerves emanating from them as an extension of your brain that extend through your body, all the way down to your toes and your finger tips. This electrical system, made up of nerves, communicate with your brain to tell us when there is something wrong with out body (the nerves serve many other functions as well). Some of these nerves send pain signals to the head of the electrical system, our brain, when tissues have been damaged, ligaments have been stressed, muscles have been overworked, or when there is some other type of disease condition present. Other nerves may send signals to these same pain centers when we are excited, scared, emotionally stressed, or increase our rate of breathing in emotional situations. In short, negative emotional states that we experience may exacerbate our back pain or joint pain, or even cause back pain in the absence of any anatomical abnormalities of the back (in this website, we will focus on the exacerbation of pain, we are not going to assume your problems are psychosomatic).

As reviewed above, stress can exacerbate back pain. Fortunately, stress management techniques can also help many people to feel some degree of back pain relief. Here are five excellent techniques to help you minimize the amount of stress you feel in everyday life and in acute stressful situations.
  1. Try to smell the roses. Forget the cliché for a second and think about the benefits of enjoying the things available locally, that don't come with a price tag. If you live near a park, try to take the time to go there and spend an hour walking around, once a week. Spending an hour of the waking portion every day can provide a buffer against depression and anxiety.
  2. Self-Massage
  3. Deep Breathing exercises
  4. Meditation
  5. Close your eyes and form mental pictures of things that are beautiful and make you fee calm and relaxed.