Taking Control of Your Back Pain

This website, in part, is a self-help guide to people suffering from neck pain and back pain. It provides several informed ideas and techniques for delivering self-care, for helping you change the way you move, exercise, ant eat, and your posture when resting and working. The way you move, work, sleep, and even your outlook can affect how much pain you are feeling, and how much pain you have. The major goals of this website is to improve your body movements and posture so that you do not experience back pain symptoms, or that you experience them down to a much more manageable degree. If you become informed enough as a patient, you will learn the differences between back pain treatments and techniques that you can use to finally feel better. No one technique or program will be able to help all individuals who experience back pain, but though trial and error, we hope to help you find a program that decreases your pain and improves your efficiency and appearance.

The pain you may be experiencing now may be located along the curvature of your back or neck, or it may be located away from the spine. If you are feeling a pain away from your spine (such as sciatica), you will want to consult with a physician to see if the problem emanates from a problem in the spine itself. You may experience pain in your pelvis, arms and hands, legs and feet, but the source of your pain may be your back. The structural damage in your back may have started several years or even decades ago, though you are only now feeling pain symptoms. It may have started as a result or combination of the following: degenerative changes due to aging, accident, prolonged bad posture, repetitive movements, and other pathological processes such as congenital disease or tumors. To find the source of your pain, doctors may use radiographic procedure such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan. Once doctors find the source of your back pain, they may decide on four possible courses of action:
  • Do nothing, the injury will heal on its own
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgery, either to remove Damaged tissue, or to try to fix damaged Musculoskeletal tissues
  • You may even be told to do nothing, that you'll just have to learn to live with it, or simply to restrict your activities to ones that will be less likely to aggravate your lower back pain, back pain, or neck pain.

On this website, we are never going to accept the fourth option, and we believe that with certain lifestyle modifications, back pain treatments, and nutritional options you will be able to reduce your symptoms. You can reduce your pain symptoms and remain active and enjoy a healthy level of activity by applying the good moves described on the various sections of this website.

I don presume to know everything about the medical science behind back pain, but I will try to present the information out there as best I can so that my audience can make their own informed decisions. This website will not specifically compare one treatment, medications, surgery, or nutritional supplements to another, in terms of which one is better. We will present the information as best we can and leave it up to you to make your own informed decisions.